We recently participated in an exciting event at the Cherokee Castle Ranch in Colorado. Under the Sky Event Rentals debuted, for the first time in the United States, these cool Swedish tents which are now available to rent anywhere along the west coast!

We enjoyed working with Isabelle Kline Design, Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation, Under The Sky Event Rentals, and all the other vendors and sponsors at the event. Great to meet all of you! We often travel outside of Utah throughout all the west coast, so be sure to check out our “Road Trip” package.

Here are some pics of the show shot by the talented Lisa O’Dwyer. The last photo is from Kristina Curtis Photography Based In Utah.

Photo Booth Bus is a Photo booth rental inside a VW Bus. Based in Utah, we serve all of Utah and the west coast states. Other states we serve include Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona to name a few.